Ichiban California Walnuts

Welcome to ShoEi Foods USA, the world’s first walnut processor to earn certification by the British Retail Consortium (BRC), now known as BRC Global Standards. ShoEi processes high-quality California walnuts to the most demanding specifications for our clients worldwide. Our dedication to our guiding principle to be Ichiban (#1) is the reason.


Our Story

ShoEi Foods began in 1904 when Tasuke Honda founded the Seikosha Milk Shop and a cattle farm in Japan. ShoEi Foods USA Inc. was established in 1985 in Oregon as food ingredient company and relocated in 1990 to California.

Tasuke Honda

Tasuke Honda

ShoEi Foods Corporation headquarters, Tokyo, Japan

ShoEi Foods Corporation headquarters, Tokyo, Japan


We ship inshell and shelled walnuts to snack nut manufacturers, produce retailers, bakery product suppliers and food product manufacturers worldwide. All benefit from our pledge to be Ichiban (#1) in quality, reliability, food safety and customer service.



ShoEi Foods USA recognizes that our success depends upon the success of our growers. We do all we can to ensure their viability, and we take pride in paying growers a very competitive return and earlier than most other walnut processors.

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